Freestream Aircraft’s Legacy:

A History of Excellence in Numbers

Air travel was once a means to simply reach a new destination. Now, it’s an experience in its own right.

Private jet brokerages and acquisition services are the architects of class and efficiency when it comes to securing the best means of transportation for an individual or business. With over 32 years of experience in an industry that really only began in the mid-1960s, Freestream Aircraft is uniquely poised to help its clientele navigate complicated transactions during times of turbulence as well as in years filled with clear skies.

Since beginning its legacy of excellence in 1991, Freestream Aircraft remains one of the world’s preeminent preowned jet brokers and has the numbers to back it up.

Where nearly 70% of Freestream Aircraft’s transactions were in the United States when it began in the 1990s, its global expansion created an even split between U.S. and international transactions. While the majority of Freestream Aircraft transactions and aircraft acquisitions are for corporate jets, our team of experienced aircraft brokers are also adept at executing acquisition and sales for high-net-worth individuals searching for private jets or securing consistent private charter flights.

The Freestream Aircraft offices in London, Bermuda, New York, Las Vegas, Mexico, Hong Kong and Beijing also create a global network of specialized individuals available to walk clients through highly complex transactions in multiple languages. Freestream Aircraft is constantly reimagining service from working with preeminent attorneys and technology experts during the transaction process to its bespoke design services that elevate aircraft by collaborating with leading luxury brands. Our team believes that luxury service is defined by a legacy built on agility across markets, efficiency and discretion.

From Boeing business jets to Falcons and Gulfstreams, the transaction team at Freestream Aircraft has several decades of combined experience in handling private jet sales from every type of private aircraft manufacturer. When a business or individual works with a private jet broker from Freestream Aircraft, we guarantee exceptional service, unparalleled convenience and a singular sense of security that comes with all transactions.

In the world of private aviation, our team is here to help aircraft owners and potential buyers navigate the unique requirements that are needed during an aircraft acquisition and sale on a regular basis. Freestream Aircraft deeply understands the private aviation industry and is dedicated to serving its clients 24/7 while handling the purchase and sale of business-class jets around the world.

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