Freestream Aircraft is proud to have a team of highly experienced and uniquely qualified aviation consultants.

Freestream is the premier destination for discerning aviation customers who value best in class service and want to secure the highest possible price for their aircraft. We believe that luxury service is defined by our legacy – agility across markets, efficiency and discretion. With seven decades of combined international experience and vast global network, we have achieved an excellent track record of sales:

  • Over $10 Billion in Sales
  • Over 40 Aircraft Listings
  • Over 25 years of experience
  • Offices in 6 countries 15
  • Full time brokers worldwide
  • 60 Transactions per year
  • 72 VVIP Boeing
  • 38 G650’s
  • 50+ G550’s
  • 120+ GIV/SP/450’s
  • 80+ Falcons
  • 60+ Learjets
  • 40+ Global/XRS
  • 17 Helicopter

The History of our Standards

“At Freestream, when we are involved in the build and oversee an aircraft interior completion, however hard we work, we can only go at one speed. One that ensures we adhere to the high standards for which we are respected.

We understand that some people express frustration at this. They want us to go faster. But at our family owned aviation company, fast is the enemy. Because to accelerate the time it takes to build and oversee a project we would have to cut corners and lower our quality.

And then the aircraft might be a very good machine, but it would not be a Freestream Aircraft and would not merit the Freestream Seal.”


Every step of the way, our team provides the expertise to complete your transaction with the thoroughness required in aviation.


Freestream has partnered with Zeitz foundation and committed to planting 1 million trees so you can keep exploring.


Each aircraft is custom crafted to fit your wants and needs, making it uniquely yours.


Our highly skilled team provides a seamless, worry-free experience every step of the way, from “green” aircraft through final acceptance and delivery.