Freestream Aircraft is proud to have a team of highly experienced and uniquely qualified aviation consultants. Our team covers all aspects of aircraft brokerage, acquisition, marketing, sales, custom design services, import/export and maintenance review of your aircraft. We specialize in state of the art, medium through ultra-long range corporate jet aircraft and fully understand the importance of attending to all details required by our clients.

Our affiliation with brokerage firms worldwide and our collateral buying power with the aircraft manufacturers, assures professional assistance to international and multinational companies as well as private individuals.

Freestream’s expertise, commitment to integrity, and vast experience provide our clientele the exclusive opportunity to experience a seamless transaction in a timely manner. Principals worldwide find their experience with Freestream best in class.

We lead the industry

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We Reimagine Service.

At Freestream, we manage each sale, pre-buy, refurbishment and completion. We are a full service aviation company to service the client with the highest level of expertise, professionalism, integrity and discretion.

Our legacy is built on our knowledge of every touchpoint which extends beyond the delivery of the aircraft. Our team stays on hand to monitor the ongoing maintenance schedule and ensure that Freestream aircraft never lose their shine.

We Redefine Luxury.

Freestream Design Services collaborates with the world’s finest luxury brands to outfit our aircraft. At Freestream, our aesthetic has been shaped over the past 40 years of working with elite private clients and the world’s most successful companies.

When using custom leathers in bespoke colors, partnering with premier luxury houses we ensure that those materials are assembled by the best tailors to ensure a perfect finish.

In addition to our material choices, we employ the same level of detail to the mechanics of our planes. We stay current on avionics, industrial design and technology.