Design Different

Sarah Mespelt Larranaga of freestream aircraft sits down with BizAv Media

Q: Sarah, how did you first get into design? 

Sarah Mespelt Larranaga: I began my aviation and design path at Gulfstream Aerospace after obtaining interior design and engineering degrees at Savannah College of Art and Design and the Georgia Institute of Technology.

My interests then took me into working on bespoke business jet interiors. In this I focused on innovative avionics, structures and lightweight composites. I have been representing clients for some 16 years now in the fields of aviation design and project completion.

In the process, I have collaborated with many high-end designers and worked with clients all over the world, on aircraft ranging from G650’s to Boeing 777s.

Q: What are your goals when you take on a new project? 

Sarah Mespelt Larranaga: I am very focused on ensuring that the investment that owners make in their aircraft will bring them tremendous satisfaction while extending the useful life of the aircraft. In the process, I and whoever I am collaborating with, ensure that our core values of premier quality, innovation and sustainability are followed. I pay meticulous attention to detail to achieve the highest quality on my interior and exterior design completions.

Clearly, when you see a top quality, bespoke aircraft interior that has been meticulously achieved, it is the ultimate in luxury. What we do is customized and designed to fit each client’s unique taste and usage.

As an aviation designer and structural engineer, I strive to bring that expertise to each project whether it’s a BBJ, G700 oversight and delivery, or a unique design for a new Global 7500.

For me, the most important elements in creating luxury for
each of my clients are:

• Quality Materials & carefully crafted, custom-made furniture that combines comfort and style.
• Attention to Detail, combining precision and meticulous craftsmanship in every aspect, from furniture to decorative elements.
• Elegant Color Palettes: A sophisticated and cohesive color scheme that exudes opulence, often using rich, muted tones and bold accents.
• Functional Integration: A well-designed product or project should seamlessly integrate into its intended function within the environment.
• Lightweight Materials: Each aircraft interior is designed using a significant amount of lightweight composite materials, including carbon fiber-reinforced composites.
This reduces the aircraft’s weight, making it more fuelefficient and environmentally friendly.
• Texture and Layering: Mixing different textures and layering elements creating visual interest.
• Innovative avionics, incorporating the latest and greatest systems to ensure owners enjoy their aircraft to the fullest extent possible
• Personalization & Spatial Layout: Tailoring the design to the owner’s preferences and lifestyle to create a truly unique and luxurious space.

I aim to provide a distinctive and exclusive service by pairing design with quality and schedule supervision, along with our proven ability to do detailed technical inspections.

Q: How much does your role go beyond design to encompass control of the whole project?

Sarah Mespelt Larranaga: You always have an eye on managing the whole project. If as a customer representative you can bring aesthetic harmony and functional integration to a project it is going to be a success.

With over 60 transactions a year involving aircraft sales, maintenance review, aircraft delivery, and interior and exterior design, you cannot wear just one hat. You have to be able to provide creative design, but you must also not be afraid to get your hands a little dirty. Specializing in state of the art, medium through ultra-long range corporate jet aircraft, I fully understand the importance of attending to all details as required by clients.

Right now I am working on a green Global 7500, plus the refurbishment of a Falcon 7X and a Challenger 300.