Essential Questions to Ask Before Selecting the Right Aircraft Management Company

In the world of private aviation, choosing the right aircraft management company is a crucial decision that takes considerable time and hard work. As discerning high-net-worth individuals, it is imperative to ask the right questions when evaluating the biggest private jet operators. By doing so, you can ensure that your private aircraft is in the right place with the right people and that your travel needs will be met both now and in the long term. Here are some thoughtful questions to help you make an informed decision.

1. How long has your aircraft management company been in business?
The longevity of an aircraft management company can be indicative of its stability and expertise. A well-established company with years of experience is more likely to have a strong foundation and a proven track record.

2. Does your company have experience managing your particular make and model of aircraft?
In addition to general experience, it is crucial to determine if the company has specific experience managing your make and model of private aircraft. This will ensure that it is well-versed in the unique requirements and intricacies of your private aircraft. These details are also essential for guaranteeing that you receive the best possible customer service.

3. Who are your day-to-day operation managers, and what is their background and experience in the private aviation industry?

Understanding the qualifications and experience of the day-to-day business aircraft operators is vital. This knowledge will help you gauge their ability to handle the daily operations of your private aircraft and provide the level of service you expect.

4. Does the company base all of the private jets it manages at one central location, or can you choose where to base your private aircraft?
Flexibility in choosing the base location of your private aircraft can be a significant advantage. Inquire whether the company allows you to select the base location, as this can greatly enhance convenience and immediate access.

5. What are your internal safety standards?
In business aviation, safety should always be the top priority. Ask your aircraft management company about its internal safety standards and protocols to ensure that the policies align with your own expectations and the best practices of the private aviation industry.

6. Is the organization audited by an independent third-party such as Argus, Wyvern, or the Air Charter Safety Foundation?
Independent audits provide an extra layer of assurance regarding safety and operational practices, especially for aircraft owners interested in older jets or a preowned jet. Inquire whether your aircraft management company undergoes audits by reputable organizations to ensure compliance and adherence to industry standards.

7. How long has the organization been certified?
Certification demonstrates a company’s commitment to professionalism, industry standards and exceptional service. Inquire about the duration of the company’s certification to gauge its level of expertise and dedication to quality.

8. What programs and services does the aircraft management company offer?
Understanding the range of programs and services offered by the company is essential. A full-service company that goes beyond basic maintenance and repairs can provide added value and convenience.

9. What are the company’s crew hiring and training standards?
The expertise and professionalism of the crew are vital to creating a safe and enjoyable flying experience. Inquire about the company’s crew hiring and training standards to ensure that it meets your expectations.

10. Does the company outsource maintenance, or does it have its own team of in-house maintenance professionals?
Knowing whether the aircraft management company outsources maintenance or has an in-house team of service providers is important. In-house aviation professionals can provide dedicated attention to your private aircraft and ensure that all work is compliant with FAA regulations.

11. How will the aircraft management company ensure that your travel schedule isn’t disrupted in the event that your private aircraft requires service?
Minimizing disruptions to your travel schedule is crucial. Inquire about the company’s contingency plans and its ability to provide exceptional service and the best option in the event of maintenance or repairs.

12. Do you offer fleet discounts on insurance, fuel prices, training and maintenance?
Evaluating the financial benefits of partnering with a particular aircraft management company is essential. Inquire about any fleet discounts it offers on insurance, jet fuel, training and maintenance to determine potential cost savings.

13. Does your company offer management services for private charter?
Management services for private charter can provide additional revenue streams for aircraft owners. Inquire whether the aircraft management company offers these full charter services and how it can help you capitalize on your investment.

14. Do you have your own government-issued Federal Aviation Regulation Part 135 charter certificate?
If management services for private charter are of interest to you, it is important to know whether the aircraft management company possesses its own charter certificate issued by government officials. This certification ensures compliance with regulatory standards and enhances the company’s credibility.

15. What are the company’s plans for ensuring revenue generation, business development and high demand for charter flights?
Understanding the company’s strategies and plans for revenue generation, business development and high demand for charter flights can give you insight into its ability to meet your every business purpose and long-term travel needs.

16. How will the aircraft management company ensure that it meets your travel needs not just now, but on a regular basis for the long term?
Considering your long-term travel needs is crucial. Inquire about the company’s approach to adaptability, growth and meeting the evolving demands of its clients over time.

By asking these thoughtful questions, you can evaluate every aircraft management company with confidence and ensure that you make an informed decision.

Remember, your private aircraft is not just an investment, but a means to fulfill your travel needs, and partnering with the right aircraft management company is paramount to your satisfaction and peace of mind.