Freestream Aircraft Services Limited

Founded in 1992, Freestream Aircraft Services Limited. is an experienced, global business jet sales and acquisition company comprised of a team of aviation professionals dedicated to serving their clients 24/7, handling the purchase and sale of business-class jets around the world. Its client services include in-house design and completion/refurbishment oversight.


Freestream handle around 50% refurbishment and 50 % new completions. They take great pride in refurbishments as they embrace and champion change. The joy for them is in creating something from nothing, in being able to take a ten year old aircraft and create something elegant and timeless.

Freestream Aircraft are currently working on a Gulfstream G650 demonstrator and is in fact the first G650 demonstrator to undergo a full refurbishment for a private client after purchase. The G650 is such a new aircraft they are only just breaking the surface on refurbishment requests. Other projects include a Falcon 2000 refurbishment which requires a more seasoned aircraft being redesigned into something fresh by updating interior aesthetics and avionic equipment on par with 2017 offerings.

In addition to this they are working on a Falcon 8X new completion project where they are taking a new aircraft on the market and are beginning to explore design elements and opportunities for their client and preparing for the completion process.

New completions on new-to-the market aircraft is an exciting prospect for Freestream, as well as posing a challenge due to the quality issues that may need to be faced alongside identifying what new exciting elements can be utilised, which may previously have proven unworkable. New completions are all about the details. On a new aircraft completion, where the platform is innovative and sleek, the details make the design. Freestream constantly look for details that can set that client’s aircraft apart from the others being delivered.

Freestream have also recently completed a new G650 delivery, two Global XRS refurbishments and also a Challenger 605 refurbishment.


Within an increasingly competitive brokers market, Freestream have a unique edge on the competition because they offer a rare design and completion management service. Their services encompass full design for the exterior and interior of every aircraft large or small. They meet with each client to discuss needs and desires for their aircraft and then execute the design and quality control throughout the completion project and lead the delivery process until the aircraft is in the client’s hands.

Much of the company’s success comes down to catering for the individual needs of each client. They have many long-term customers who have a very classic taste and for them the interiors will always be elegant, but technology savvy. The team is always exploring the newest opportunities on the market whether it be sustainable materials never used before or how to bring more elements of custom furniture into a fuselage.

As designers they are inspired to experiment with luxury fabrics from suppliers such as Loro Piana and Hermes as well as incorporating wovens and leathers from Bottega Veneta. They not only use high end aviation targeted brands, but also work with these luxury manufacturers to see how they can work with their fabrics and create something that will be durable enough not only to suit the aircraft upholstery, but also bring their clients favourite home comforts to their aircraft.

When it comes to addressing the challenges of integrating technology into the design schemes Freestream believe that keeping aircraft technology updated is a constant acquiring of information, but it is something that as designers they are well accustomed to working with and therefore it becomes part of the intrigue. Finding what’s new on the market and integrating it in the smoothest way possible.

The goal for each project that they work on is to link creativity with the latest innovations available, to make each aircraft attractive yet practical for its user.


In 2017 Freestream have some  larger refurbishments on deck for Boeing Business Jets, which is an absolute passion for them due to the ability to really design and finesse the interior. They will also start design conversations with clients as they begin to plan for the purchase of new aircraft types on the market such as Global 7000’s and G500’s. In an ever increasing highly competitive market, the future looks bright for Freestream Aircraft in the years to come.

Freestream Aircraft Services Limited features in Luxe et al the aviation issue.
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