Private Jet Brokers – What They Do and Why You Should Use Them

Travel by private jet is one of the defining emblems of success. While this premier form of air travel has gotten more accessible over the years through fractional ownership, jet cards, and charter flights, it’s important to understand that the private aviation industry is highly distinctive. Unlike the heavily regulated commercial aviation industry, there’s no official consensus on consumer policy or purchase prices.

The professional assistance of aircraft brokers is therefore essential for your peace of mind and for your safety. Whatever your business purpose, a private jet broker is an invaluable partner for understanding the world of private aviation. With the right team of aircraft brokers at your side, you’ll receive first-class quality, a guarantee of safety standards and overall transparency within the entire transaction process. In this article, we’ll explain what a jet broker does as well as the advantages they offer. 

What does a private jet brokerage do?

It’s best to think of your private jet broker as you would your real estate agent. A private jet broker is a qualified professional who will handle every aspect of your aircraft acquisition from beginning to end. If you’re a business executive or a discerning traveler, an experienced jet broker will provide you with the indispensable knowledge for finding a private aircraft that suits your travel needs. 

Your jet broker will negotiate the sale price as well as manage the legal, escrow and inspection teams to ensure you experience a seamless transaction. They will also exhibit private planes for their clientele on a regular basis and identify the best option amongst potential buyers, all for the purpose of obtaining the best purchase price from their aircraft sales. 

The good news is that your aircraft broker represents you throughout the entire transaction process, smoothing over complications, minimizing risk, and advising on the various costs of private aviation. If you pick the right person as your private jet broker, she or he will often have outstanding professional relationships with every major aircraft manufacturer. These relationships can lead to industry connections and give you immediate access to deals that haven’t yet been publicized. 

The advantages of a jet broker for aircraft acquisition

Purchasing a new jet is an exhilarating experience. But because of the many pitfalls of aircraft sales, these transactions are notoriously complex and stressful. Since the market for private aviation is constantly changing, it’s hard for nonprofessionals to understand the depth of the latest news and developments. For an aircraft acquisition, a private jet broker is an indispensable asset, the most important benefit of which is to offer a range of acquisition services as your personal flight consultant.

A private jet broker has spent hard work and considerable time studying the market and learning its intricacies through countless acquisitions. They understand everything about the different models of private jets and the ins and outs of every aircraft manufacturer. You’ll receive expert counsel from a private jet broker on every aspect of your travel, including which aircraft suits your travel needs, which airports are the most appropriate and what you should anticipate in terms of sale price. 

When you’re in the middle of an aircraft acquisition, a private jet broker will guarantee the best possible terms for your deal and rule out any last minute incidents or changes to your contract. After you’ve closed, your private jet broker will also take care of your aircraft delivery and see that the change of ownership goes smoothly. Your aircraft brokers will process all the required paperwork for transfer of title, escrow, tax filings and any regulatory documentation with the FAA. 

In other words, a qualified jet broker will bring you peace of mind for the most luxurious flight experience you can imagine. 


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